samedi 22 novembre 2008

Cay & The Scaffolds

Gumby :

Hello, here's a link for Finnish 60's beat group Cay & The Scaffolds, originally posted at my blog FinnArctic, but deleted.

The Scaffolds started their life as a "rautalanka", instrumental guitar band in the autumn of 1961. The group comprised of Harry Bergholm (lead guitar), Christer Bergholm (bass), Ulf Dolk (rhythm guitar) and Jan Nordberg (drums). The two last-named were soon replaced by Arto Lönnfors and Mårten Wikström.Their first gig was in the winter of 1962 at a friend's wedding. A year later they signed a contract with Musiikkitalo Westerlund, who released two instrumental singles: "Dark Eyes Beat" and "Katariinan kamarissa".

In the spring of 1963 Harry and Mårten visited London and brought The Beatles' debut LP with them, resulting in several of its songs being added to The Scaffolds' setlist. They were assumedly the first Finnish band who performed Beatles songs.

When Harry and Mårten left to serve in the army, new men Mårten Enqvist and Hannu Euramaa replaced them, and the lineup was augmented with vocalist Cay Karlsson. The boys started writing material themselves, and the next six singles and one EP they did during the next 11 months consisted almost entirely of songs by either Christer, Arto or Cay. The band was at the height of their popularity, and they could almost be called the Finnish Beatles, since they were the only band that had properly screaming girls in their audience.


1. Tullalla Twist
2. Dark Eyes Beat
3. Katariinan kamarissa
4. Crazy Horse
5. Jingle Bells Twist
6. Girls
7. You Are My Everything
8. I'm Wondering
9. Far Away
10. Ghost Train
11. You
12. Stay With Me
13. Would You Like to Dance
14. How Can You Do This
15. The Look of You
16. I Wanna Be
17. Sweet Sally
18. You're Running Out of Money
19. Wonderful Time

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Verysixty a dit…

Thanks a lot to Gumby for these two very nice finnish groups posted !!!

Unknown a dit…

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